How to recover data

Title: How to recover data, Author: Graham, Date Published: 7-14-2012

   Lets say you are now having computer problems and you are having trouble accessing your important data. What is the next step? Provided, your computer hardware is still in fair shape, you can use a couple boot disks and an external USB hard drive to back up your important data. Please note: I only recommend this process for non-raid configurations. I also would like to add that it's best to let a reputable data recovery expert handle data recovery.

   There are many boot disks available to attempt data recovery. The first tool I turn to is Acronis True Image. I'm not going to put every step and mouse click in this process. Those details can be found in their respective manuals so it would be redundant for me to paste that into this blog.

   The first step is to install the latest version of True Image on a usable Windows computer. Next, use the True Image software to burn a True Image boot disk to CD. Also, download and burn Ubuntu to CD. Once you have these boot CDs, boot the computer you are trying to recover data from to the True Image CD. DO NOT plug in the external USB drive yet! Wait until the True image program has successfully loaded to protect the external drive from malware. Select the True Image boot from the boot menu. Once the True Image OS has fully loaded, plug in your external drive. Back up only important files and folders to an image file on the external drive. Your drive may be in the process of failing and that's why we focus on critical files only FIRST. Once the files are backed up, restore files from the backup image you just created to the same USB external drive.

   Now that the file recovery process has been completed, switch the computer off and unplug the USB drive (another important step in protecting the USB drive from malware.) We need to verify that your files have actually been recovered at this point. Boot your computer to the Ubuntu boot cd. Once the computer has fully booted to Ubuntu, plug in the USB drive and start sampling your recovered files. Open some of the photos and office docs while in Ubuntu to make sure your data is OK. Once you are satisfied that you have all of your data, close out all documents and turn off the computer and unplug the USB drive. That's it; your important files are now on USB drive.

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