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If your computer is infected with a virus, you'll want to remove it as quickly as possible.

Malware Removal: Bring in your computer and I will back up your entire system and remove any malware for $45-$130.00 labor

This Comprehensive spyware / virus removal Service includes:

1. Computer pick up from your home or business.
2. Full hard drive back up
3. Dust removal. ( your system will run cooler and quieter! )
4: Motherboard, memory and hard drive tests. ( Basic tests to detect hardware problems )
5. Operating system install ( if necessary )
6. Hardware drivers installed ( Available drivers )
7. All spyware / virus infected files repaired or quarantined.
8. Mydocuments, desktop, pictures and music files restored.
9. Your computer delivered to your home or business.

If your computer is infected with a virus
 Please Contact by Phone or email
Phone :- (408) 647-6623, E-Mail :-computers@gmail.com